Snow-Approved Style


Here on the East Coast Jonas hit us hard. For the first two days I was stuck in my room reading, drinking tea, and burning lumberjack-scented candles. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? You’d be surprised how much being trapped in a small from room can take a toll on an adventurous city girl. By Sunday, I was ready to get outside and explore the fluffy white powder covering the ground.


My favorite jacket to wear is my fluffy “sheep” coat, as my friends like to call it. It is super warm and comfortable but also fashion forward because it fits the fur coat trend that is so popular this season.


I paired my comfy jacket, naturally, with my most comfortable sweatshirt. This one is by Chaser and is so soft. The phrases on their sweatshirts are always on-point. When does champagne, leather, or rock and roll ever go wrong?


To top the look off I added a silver chain gem necklace which brings an element of sophistication into the look. Adding something like this to casual pieces like a sweatshirt instantly makes it glam. Obviously, since it did just snow 26 inches, I had to wear my snow boots. These ones by The North Face are as cute as snow boots get. If you accessorize them right, nobody will even notice they are made for snow and not style.



Black and White “Model Off Duty”


Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, Kate Moss… These are just a few of the models who pull off this look so effortlessly. They look casual yet so fashionable at the same time, a perfect outfit to wear for a day of shopping or brunch with the girls. There are a few key pieces that always show up in their “model-off-duty” looks.


Models are always wearing a jacket with their workout leggings and sneakers whether it’s a wool coat or a silk bomber jacket. This is what makes the look appropriate for strolling around the streets of New York City. I’m wearing my favorite heather grey coat from Aritzia. Not only is the coat warm enough for the brutal East Coast winter (which we have yet to experience this year), but it is also a sophisticated piece to wear to work or use to dress up your casual weekend wear.


I found these cool mesh-paneled workout leggings from Aritizia. Not only are they super comfortable but they are perfect for putting together the “model-off-duty” look. Pair these with a dressier blouse and play with how you tuck it into the leggings. Here I did a half tuck to play with the black and white color blocking of the outfit.


Adding rose gold accessories to a black and white look is my favorite way to make an outfit more feminine. Depending on your skin tone, rose gold can bring out the warmth in your coloring. I added my favorite necklace and a watch. Don’t be afraid to add strappy bras under flowy blouses like this one. It gives a sex-appeal to an otherwise business casual blouse.


Lastly, the look is not complete without your coolest pair of kicks. This is the piece to use to really make your outfit stand out. There are so many different options for cool sneakers nowadays that you should have no trouble finding the perfect pair for you. I love these Nikes because of the grey, black and white knit threads they are woven out of. Like most fashionistas my two favorite colors to wear are black and white, so naturally these sneakers pair well with my entire wardrobe.


Miles Table

As you have yet to discover, I am a huge foodie. Nothing beats the thrill of finding a new restaurant that offers delicious food and a perfect environment to enjoy it in. This past week I met my best friend in Philadelphia to check out the “Audobon to Warhol: The Art of American Still Life” exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (which was AMAZING by the way).

While I was in the city we decided to explore South Street. We came upon a small restaurant/cafe called Miles Table. Of course, I looked up pictures of the food on Instagram and decided to give the place a shot.


When you enter the restaurant you must order at a counter in the back. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner so there are plenty of food choices to pick from! I ordered a simple caesar salad with avocado and shrimp as well as the tuna avocado melt (one of their many daily specials).


Yes, the salad tasted just as good as it looks (maybe even better!). Shrimp and avocado are two of my favorite foods so naturally I expect the best when I eat them. The avocado was as fresh as it gets and the shrimp was lightly marinated in what tasted like a barbecue spice. Both were absolutely scrumptious!


And then the avocado tuna melt… even though I was already stuffed with great food, this melt was worth stuffing just a bit more into my belly. The tuna was perfectly moist and seasoned. If you love tuna and avocado (like me) you must try this special!

Overall, this place has quickly become my new favorite foodie spot in Philly next to Hai Street Kitchen, which makes awesome sushi burritos. The next time you are in the city looking for a relaxing environment and delicious comfort food, check out Miles Table. I will definitely be returning the next time I am in the city.