Snow-Approved Style


Here on the East Coast Jonas hit us hard. For the first two days I was stuck in my room reading, drinking tea, and burning lumberjack-scented candles. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? You’d be surprised how much being trapped in a small from room can take a toll on an adventurous city girl. By Sunday, I was ready to get outside and explore the fluffy white powder covering the ground.


My favorite jacket to wear is my fluffy “sheep” coat, as my friends like to call it. It is super warm and comfortable but also fashion forward because it fits the fur coat trend that is so popular this season.


I paired my comfy jacket, naturally, with my most comfortable sweatshirt. This one is by Chaser and is so soft. The phrases on their sweatshirts are always on-point. When does champagne, leather, or rock and roll ever go wrong?


To top the look off I added a silver chain gem necklace which brings an element of sophistication into the look. Adding something like this to casual pieces like a sweatshirt instantly makes it glam. Obviously, since it did just snow 26 inches, I had to wear my snow boots. These ones by The North Face are as cute as snow boots get. If you accessorize them right, nobody will even notice they are made for snow and not style.



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