The Next Black Tap: Cotton Candy Bubble Tea

Whenever I log onto Facebook I am bombarded with videos on how to bake oreo cake balls or smores waffles. Dessert places in New York City have been a popular trend on social media lately. If you haven’t heard of Black Tap, do you even have a Facebook account? These milkshakes gained huge publicity by being featured on one of these Facebook food video pages. Videos spread all around the world, leading people to make trips to the city JUST for these milkshakes. There is constantly a two hour long line outside of the restaurant just to order one of these bad boys.

Lucky for you, I have something way better than Black Tap to share with you (and it thankfully doesn’t require a two hour wait). So what exactly is the new and improved Black Tap? Vivi Bubble Tea! You may have seen these bubble tea shops all over New York City, however only one location has this delicious drink. The trick is to go to the Vivi Bubble Tea located on Allen Street, as it is the only location with the cotton candy bubble tea float.


The shop offers a few different flavors of their bubble tea floats, everything from green tea matcha (pictured in the center) to taro to caramel macchiato (pictured on the sides). Each float features your tea of choice, a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream, tapioca bubbles, and a cotton candy topping covered in pop rocks. Are you drooling yet? The more traditional Japanese flavors, like the green tea matcha, come with a cup of red beans to add to your float as well.


So you may be wondering, what’s with the mini cup of bubble tea? This drink is actually pretty complicated if you are bad at following instructions like myself. You are first supposed to remove the cotton candy. After drinking half of your float, you stuff the cotton candy back into the jar. Next, you pick up your mini cup and pour this on top of the cotton candy, into the jar. Me, being an avid Instagrammer, tried to record this whole process as I was doing this. I quickly learned that I couldn’t pour and record at the same time. If you want to see this epic fail of mine, check out my Instagram account.

This process melts the cotton candy and pop rocks, leaving you with an even sugarier drink. I wouldn’t be surprised if the drink contains a week’s worth of sugar allowance. Whoops! So worth it though. I recommend eating a majority of the cotton candy by itself rather than melting it in your drink. It tastes delicious with the pop rocks on top, bringing you back to your childhood spent at carnivals eating cotton candy off the stick.


The next time you are in New York City, opt for the trip to Vivi Bubble Tea at Allen Street. You will have a unique experience like no other. I mean, how many places can you find cotton candy combined with bubble tea and ice cream!? This place is also much more Instagram worthy than a chocolate milkshake. Hurry here before a Facebook food account finds out about this secret spot!


Coachella Comes to the City Streets

We all know Coachella marks the beginning of every music and fashion lover’s favorite time of the year, festival season! Unfortunately, Coachella takes place on the coast opposite of where I and the other 8.5 million New Yorkers are. Aside from stalking the snapchat stories and plethora of Instagram posts, I was able to channel the same carefree festival vibes by spending Coachella day 3 in Greenwich Village.

I started my day off by oh so casually running into Nick Jonas while crossing the street. Looks like there are actually celebrities who weren’t at Coachella! Who knew!? Since it was my best friend’s birthday we decided to do brunch on the streets of Soho. After enjoying salmon eggs benedict, we soaked in the sun rays and walked around the streets. While exploring we stumbled upon this collage of pop art posters. What blogger can resist a photoshoot in front of an intriguing background like this one?


Lets be real, us here on the East Coast were thrilled to once against experience the 70 degree weather Mother Nature blessed us with on Sunday. It might not be the 90 degree heat waves that festivalgoers are experiencing, but hey, it’s close enough, right? I thought it was the perfect occasion to break out the new t-shirt I bought from Aritzia a few weeks back. I didn’t realize it would take weeks for spring weather to finally return to us, causing this shirt to be sitting in its shopping bag for too long. This shirt is casual yet still gives me  a chance to show off my favorite bralettes that all us girls know we buy way too many of.


Is a Coachella-inspired outfit really complete without some coin jewelry and fringed accessories? Nope. I added this necklace for a bohemian flair that was still appropriate for brunch and shopping on a typical Sunday. However, if you’re going to a festival, the more the better! Can you really achieve that full Vanessa Hudgens look if you don’t pile on the jewelry?

Not only is this backpack carefree and cute, but it is extremely functional for those fashion bloggers/students/interns on the go. I hate having to lug my laptop, camera, wallet, and a book around in a purse when I am running from place to place. I am able to easily carry all of the things I need without putting stress on my shoulders. This doesn’t sound too glamorous but I promise that backpacks are a lifesaver, and now they are on-trend too!


With Coachella weekend 1 being finished, we can all look forward to the looks that weekend 2 has in store. Weekend 1 has shown bloggers wearing the typical festival trends such as fringe, coin jewelry, crochet clothing pieces, and cowboy boots. It has also given us some ideas on how to style popular spring pieces such as bandanas, chokers, and monokinis for the music festivals that we will be hitting up later this spring and summer. Until weekend 2…


Meet Michelle Lee, Editor-in-Chief of Allure

As a little girl flipping through fashion magazines, imagining wearing those pretty heels and red lipstick, we all always dreamt about working at one of these magazines as an adult. For some girls, this dream does come true- after much hard work and hustle, of course. Michelle Lee is one of these females that has taken the fashion magazine industry by storm.


Before taking over as Allure‘s new editor-in-chief, she was editor-in-chief for Nylon magazine, which has to be the “coolest” fashion magazine out there right now, in my opinion (Lee thinks so too!). So what would make her accept an offer from Allure magazine if she loved her job so much? First of all, Allure is Allure. It is a universal name that every woman knows, and swears by, for beauty advice. However, Allure is not really “cool” like Nylon is; This is exactly what Lee is setting out to change.


I had the wonderful opportunity to hear her speak and talk with her at the Fashionista meetup at Space 530 in March. I was inspired by the courage she had to leave a job that she not only loved, but was extremely successful at, for a job at a company she knew would need some change. At the meetup she discussed how she wants to change Allure so that it has that same “it girl” factor as Nylon does. She plans to feature more beauty pictures on real models and people rather than simple product shots. Lee wants people to really engage with Allure, which is why she will be featuring more original photography to create a “whole layer of inspiration.”


We can all use Michelle Lee as an inspiration to work for the job we want in life. She did not always work in fashion, but she gained the experience she needed to break into the industry. Don’t be afraid to take a job or internship that isn’t directly in the field you want to work in. Who knows, it may someday lead to your dream job as an editor-in-chief for two iconic magazines.