Meet Michelle Lee, Editor-in-Chief of Allure

As a little girl flipping through fashion magazines, imagining wearing those pretty heels and red lipstick, we all always dreamt about working at one of these magazines as an adult. For some girls, this dream does come true- after much hard work and hustle, of course. Michelle Lee is one of these females that has taken the fashion magazine industry by storm.


Before taking over as Allure‘s new editor-in-chief, she was editor-in-chief for Nylon magazine, which has to be the “coolest” fashion magazine out there right now, in my opinion (Lee thinks so too!). So what would make her accept an offer from Allure magazine if she loved her job so much? First of all, Allure is Allure. It is a universal name that every woman knows, and swears by, for beauty advice. However, Allure is not really “cool” like Nylon is; This is exactly what Lee is setting out to change.


I had the wonderful opportunity to hear her speak and talk with her at the Fashionista meetup at Space 530 in March. I was inspired by the courage she had to leave a job that she not only loved, but was extremely successful at, for a job at a company she knew would need some change. At the meetup she discussed how she wants to change Allure so that it has that same “it girl” factor as Nylon does. She plans to feature more beauty pictures on real models and people rather than simple product shots. Lee wants people to really engage with Allure, which is why she will be featuring more original photography to create a “whole layer of inspiration.”


We can all use Michelle Lee as an inspiration to work for the job we want in life. She did not always work in fashion, but she gained the experience she needed to break into the industry. Don’t be afraid to take a job or internship that isn’t directly in the field you want to work in. Who knows, it may someday lead to your dream job as an editor-in-chief for two iconic magazines.


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