Black is the New Black

Everyone is always saying, “stripes are the new black”, “red is the new black”, even “Orange is the New Black.” How about black is always the new black? For those who are truly faithful to this staple color, nothing will ever replace it. Black is always my go-to when I am dressing for a special event, or even just trying to drag myself out of bed at seven in the morning.


I am a huge fan of matching sets, whether it’s with clothes, earrings, or salt and pepper shakers. Ok maybe not the salt and pepper shakers; we all know I am not mature enough to go out and buy those yet. Matching sets give the illusion of a dress but are much more practical. I personally love them because they give me an opportunity to show some skin. So ladies if you’ve been working hard in your pilates classes the past few weeks, opt for a matching set to show off that six-pack.


While matching sets aren’t something I always go for, wearing my hair straight is. I have naturally super curly hair (but not in a good way). In order to change up my everyday hairstyle, I added a side braid. With my hair being so thin, this is unfortunately the only way I can add some oomph to it. Lucky for me, braids are a huge trend this season! I recommend checking out #TrendingAtSephora for some braid inspiration.


Although black is a classic color, it can be boring in the world of fashion if you don’t dress it up with some killer accessories. Revisiting the blog is my favorite body chain. This accessory makes every outfit sexier and accentuates the right parts of your body. Opt for this when you have a lot of open blocks of skin, like the deep v-neck in the top that I am wearing.


Just as every fashion blogger owned the Chloe ‘Susanna’ Stud Buckle Booties at one point in time, every girl owns this style of heels. They are flattering for every foot shape and size. Foot shape and size? If you are a human Big Foot like myself, you completely understand what I am talking about. I can never find heels that don’t look like I’m trying to stuff size ten feet into a pair two sizes too small. Many brands sell this style but I was able to find mine at Forever 21 for a price actually in my budget. This just proves that no matter your price range, you can find the right pair for you.


As someone once said, “women who wear black live colorful lives.” Don’t be ashamed to always be wearing black. Black is the most universally flattering color and it never goes out of style. The women in black really do live the most adventorous, carefree lives if I say so myself.

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