The Art of the Neck Scarf

If you are stumbling upon this post because you were wondering how to pull off the season trend of the neck scarf, let me warn you right now of what wearing one endures. Yes, they allow you to embody your inner Kate Moss when paired with simple blouses like this one. And yes, they allow you to incorporate fun patterns into your otherwise monochromatic look. However, nobody tells you that you will be choked the entire time you are wearing it, making it more difficult to breathe than usual. But hey, fashion is painful, right?

As I mentioned in my last post, my wardrobe consists of primarily black pieces. This is pretty ironic for a girl who loves colorful art murals. I was recently inspired by some of my favorite works of street art to add a bit of color to my wardrobe. Although my Instagram feed is full of colorful street art and green smoothies, I often find it difficult to incorporate color into my outfits.


I have had a few adventurous moments where I have added bright yellow crop tops and outrageously colorful, floral print dresses into my cart. Lets just say I quickly learned that bright yellow is not my color. After much trial and error of buying these pieces and soon returning them, I discovered that the easiest way to add color to any outfit is with accessories- shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves, you name it. If suburbia can add color to a primarily commercialized town with this art mural than so can I!


Every girl needs a little red bag in her accessory collection. Red bags add an element of surprise to any look while still matching and keeping the outfit classic. You would be shocked by how much use I get out of this crossbody purse.


Vintage neck scarves are the best kinds of scarves there are. NEVER buy one of these scarves at a fast fashion retail chain. These are mass-produced prints that you are likely to see on another fashionista while passing them on the streets of Soho. By heading over to your local thrift store (in my case Goodwill), you can find a beautiful and uniquely patterned scarf for less than $5. You are guaranteed to be the only one sporting that scarf this season. When this way of wearing these scarves wasn’t on trend I tied them on my black bags to add a flash of color. This is just proof that these scarves are a purchase that will prove useful long after this particular trend passes.




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