City Girl… or Farm Girl?

If you are an avid Instagram-scroller and health foodie then you have probably heard of a little place called Farm Girl Cafe in the neighborhood of Knotting Hill in London. After drooling at pictures on my feed for the past few months, I finally had the opportunity to taste the luxe lattes and fresh avocado toast.


If you visit this restaurant expect a wait… a very long wait. One thing I have noticed in London is that waiters are not rushing around, worrying about each customer’s happiness the way the waiters do in America. Here they make you stand outside in the cold for nearly an hour before finally acknowledging your hangriness and dire need for food.


The menu is full of options, from vegan and vegetarian to a loaded chicken sandwich, it is a safe place to drag your meat-loving friends. However, don’t expect to escape the endless health and vegan jokes. “That coconut bacon does not deserve to call itself bacon.”


“This charcoal latte is crunchy. I can feel it in-between my teeth”. I will admit, these jokes are hilarious because quite often I am blinded by how ridiculous these things really are. I love trendy health food but I also appreciate a good laugh at them.


These drinks have been haunting me from my Instagram feed since the moment I saw them. Rose and charcoal lattes? Definitely not something you find at your typical Starbucks! Unfortunately they do sound and look a lot cooler than they taste. Do it for the picture, though, right?


I can’t go to brunch without eating some form of avocado, usually avocado toast. There is just nothing that beats it. This avocado toast was decorated with lemon juice, pomegranate seeds, and a poached egg. I ordered coconut bacon and sweet potato fries on the side. Both were delicious but definitely not worth the money. I would stick with the sandwiches which seemed a lot more filling than my £12 slices of bread.

Overall, this place makes for very cute pictures and a lovely place to chat with friends. However, if you are looking for a full on feast and to save some money, you may want to try somewhere else.

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Hidden Gem of London: Daunt Books

Literature has been a major theme of my new year. After all, I did set a resolution to read a new book each week, which I will be filling you in on at the end of each month. Naturally, I am always looking for a new book to pick up and dive into next. 52 books is a lot of books! Can you even name that many books you have read over the course of your life? I’m not sure I even can.


I stumbled upon Daunt Books one day after venturing off of Marylebone Road where my University’s campus is situated. The surrounding area is bustling with small cafes, boutique shops, and, of course, this fabulous book store.

Best London Bookshop

The first thing I was attracted to was the large window in the back of the store, lined on both sides by upstairs railings. In this room, each bookcase showcases a different country and travel guides to visiting that country. The perfect shelves to browse while planning a European adventure! I must say, the atmosphere is truly unlike any Barnes and Nobles at home (sorry!).

Best London Bookshop

Aside from the unique beauty of the store, each book itself is a true work of art. I was able to find some of my favorite books lining the shelf, all of which had cover art that I had never seen before (Michael Lewis’s books included). Despite popular opinion, I am a firm believer of judging a book by its cover. The outside is an art entirely separate from the words inside the pages, and it deserves to be treated that way.

As an art and book lover, I highly recommend stopping in this shop while venturing through the neighborhood of Marylebone in London. Not only can you find an endless amount of inspiring and well-written literature but also individual works of art in the form of cover pages.

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Vail, Colorado

As I welcomed in 2017, I knew I was inviting a bunch of new places, new people, and new cultural experiences into my life. My first trip of 2017 was to Vail, Colorado, a much different place than where the rest of my travels will be leading me. I headed off to Colorado mostly to spend time with family, but, of course, couldn’t neglect the fresh ten inches of snow on the ground.


I started off my trip by taking a relaxing yoga class at the Vail Vitality Center. There is something so soothing about taking a yoga class on vacation.

The next day we decided to go on a snowshoeing nature tour atop the mountain. Although it was during a huge blizzard, I was able to take in the natural beauty of the mountain while also learning a lot about Colorado’s wild life. Did you know that mice are resisters and do not hibernate or migrate during the winter? They actually bury themselves into the layer of snow closest to the ground, building tunnels deep throughout the snow. However, although this sounds like an intelligent way to escape preditors, foxes have the ability to use Earth’s magnetic field to hunt them down for dinner.


After the snowshoeing adventure, we went on an art walk of Vail Village, a free tour that the town holds every Wednesday at 3:30pm. The guide pointed out independent art works that you definitely wouldn’t pick up at first glance. There are intricate tiles that makes up the paths of the village that represent different rhymes and riddles of the various ski slopes.


One of my favorite sculptures in the village is the one pictured above. This structure is called “The Water Tree”, constructed by artist Lawrence Argent. It lights up the town in various shades of blue, purple, yellow, and green at night. Jen Lewin Studio installed 52 LED forms in order to make this light show come to life.

When traveling to a ski town like Vail, don’t forget to take in everything the city has to offer. Ski by day and explore the culture by night! You will be surprised by how many hidden gems you can find and all of the new things you can learn.

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A Dose of Art: the Brooklyn Bridge

I don’t know about you but I am constantly inspired by what I see around me as I am walking down the city streets. I particularly love the stickers that businesses, musicians and artists stick to bridges, street posts and subway cars. You never know what cool graphics you will find.

I have taken a particular fascination in photographing these stickers for easy access to inspiration whenever I need it. I also enjoy looking up the website on the stickers to see what the sticker is actually promoting. You find some interesting things…


Illustrapow is a website that features the work of Karen Warners, an illustrator and graphic designer. She seems to do a lot of graphics and paintings involving animals. Her work reminds me of art you would see in a children’s book.

danielle hein art

After looking up @miss_hein on Instagram I discovered that Danielle Hein is both a teacher and an artist. She has made a lot of awesome paintings of skulls, experimenting with bright colors.

nye street art

Since this sticker has no website or social media handle, I decided to google “the lonely loner”. Turns out the only thing that came up were Kid Cudi lyrics of course. Maybe this old man is looking to free his mind at night?

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