A Dose of Art: the Brooklyn Bridge

I don’t know about you but I am constantly inspired by what I see around me as I am walking down the city streets. I particularly love the stickers that businesses, musicians and artists stick to bridges, street posts and subway cars. You never know what cool graphics you will find.

I have taken a particular fascination in photographing these stickers for easy access to inspiration whenever I need it. I also enjoy looking up the website on the stickers to see what the sticker is actually promoting. You find some interesting things…


Illustrapow is a website that features the work of Karen Warners, an illustrator and graphic designer. She seems to do a lot of graphics and paintings involving animals. Her work reminds me of art you would see in a children’s book.

danielle hein art

After looking up @miss_hein on Instagram I discovered that Danielle Hein is both a teacher and an artist. She has made a lot of awesome paintings of skulls, experimenting with bright colors.

nye street art

Since this sticker has no website or social media handle, I decided to google “the lonely loner”. Turns out the only thing that came up were Kid Cudi lyrics of course. Maybe this old man is looking to free his mind at night?

Let me know if you are interested in seeing more of these “A Dose of Art” posts and be sure to follow me on here, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



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