Vail, Colorado

As I welcomed in 2017, I knew I was inviting a bunch of new places, new people, and new cultural experiences into my life. My first trip of 2017 was to Vail, Colorado, a much different place than where the rest of my travels will be leading me. I headed off to Colorado mostly to spend time with family, but, of course, couldn’t neglect the fresh ten inches of snow on the ground.


I started off my trip by taking a relaxing yoga class at the Vail Vitality Center. There is something so soothing about taking a yoga class on vacation.

The next day we decided to go on a snowshoeing nature tour atop the mountain. Although it was during a huge blizzard, I was able to take in the natural beauty of the mountain while also learning a lot about Colorado’s wild life. Did you know that mice are resisters and do not hibernate or migrate during the winter? They actually bury themselves into the layer of snow closest to the ground, building tunnels deep throughout the snow. However, although this sounds like an intelligent way to escape preditors, foxes have the ability to use Earth’s magnetic field to hunt them down for dinner.


After the snowshoeing adventure, we went on an art walk of Vail Village, a free tour that the town holds every Wednesday at 3:30pm. The guide pointed out independent art works that you definitely wouldn’t pick up at first glance. There are intricate tiles that makes up the paths of the village that represent different rhymes and riddles of the various ski slopes.


One of my favorite sculptures in the village is the one pictured above. This structure is called “The Water Tree”, constructed by artist Lawrence Argent. It lights up the town in various shades of blue, purple, yellow, and green at night. Jen Lewin Studio installed 52 LED forms in order to make this light show come to life.

When traveling to a ski town like Vail, don’t forget to take in everything the city has to offer. Ski by day and explore the culture by night! You will be surprised by how many hidden gems you can find and all of the new things you can learn.

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