Advice for Building Brands People Love from DC’s Female Leaders

Last week I attended General Assembly’s “Building Brands People Love: Made in DC” with female leaders from Sweetgreen, Framebridge, and Chaia Tacos. They gave great advice on building a brand, pitching it to investors, marketing it to the public, and innovating it. Here were the key take-ways from the event:

πŸ”‘ Always sell the dream.

πŸ”‘ Even if there’s information about your space you need to be able to speak about it.

πŸ”‘Β Use friends and family during the beta period for your e-commerce business.

πŸ”‘ Advertise on podcasts.

πŸ”‘ Reach out to people and send samples out to anyone you can, like magazines, publishers, and brands.

πŸ”‘ Talk to the community, spread your story. Combine in-person experiences with data.

πŸ”‘ If you work super hard with the people you’re with now, you’ll always have a great opportunity for you in the future.Β 

πŸ”‘ Practice what you preach.

πŸ”‘ Make sure you’re disrupting a market and actually solving a problem.

πŸ”‘ Be someone who takes something that doesn’t scale and figures out how to scale it.Β 

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