Time-Block to Stay Focused and Get More Done

It’s no secret that this generation has a problem staying focused on one thing. With social media and texting, how can you not be constantly distracted? Whenever we are slightly bored or unstimulated, we turn to our phones for some mindless entertainment. This prevents us from not only enjoying where we are but from completing important tasks.

Time-blocking is a technique that can be used to ensure your most important tasks get completed. It helps create a distraction-free environment where you can intensely focus for a certain period of time.


You can use apps like Forest to set a timer on your phone and track your progress. This app even has a graphic of a tree that you can watch grow as long as you stay focused.


Obviously never click that “Give Up” button! It will take practice but you need to stick with it. It will become easier and easier as you do it and, more importantly, you’ll become addicted to the results.

How do you stay focused on your tasks? Do you use time-blocking techniques?

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