Hidden Gem of Amsterdam: Toastable

After strolling through the Bloemenmarkt early in the morning, I needed some coffee to get me through the rest of the day. I was instantly attracted to Toastable because of their cute, cheery sign greeting me at the door.

Amsterdam's cutest cafe

I ordered a cappuccino to-go, although my cousin and I ended up spending quite some time in this quaint cafe. Wood tables, pink peonies in glass bottles, white walls, and a decadent gold-framed mirror. If I lived in Amsterdam I could easily spend hours in this light, airy atmosphere.

best coffee in  Amsterdam

While I only came in here for a cup of coffee, I later found out that they sell all varieties of grilled cheese. I mean who doesn’t love grilled cheese? If you stop here, try the Gorgonzola toastie for me; I couldn’t help but eye up all the delicious options on their menu! I highly recommend stopping in here for a quick bite to eat and a cup of coffee before being on your way to explore the city.

Amsterdam's best coffee

Being a blogger, I can’t leave a place this aesthetically pleasing without having a little photoshoot!

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A Modernistic Feminist

The word feminist. What does this mean to you? Do you think of a raging hippy woman wearing a white t-shirt where her nipples peak through? Or do you think of a well-polished woman like Sheryl Sandberg, taking over the tech industry one idea at a time? The word feminist often has more negative associations to its name than positive ones. I know I have argued with my mother over exactly what this word means. She instantly thinks of the first example I named while the second comes to mind for me and many other women of the younger generation (or at least I hope).

I am a huge supporter of feminism and everything that it stands for. I am always trying to explain to people, like my mother, what exactly feminism means nowadays, or what it should mean. The exact definition of feminism according to Google is “someone who supports the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of political, social and economic equality to men.” Don’t we all want to be treated, respected and paid equally to the male gender? So why doesn’t every woman want to call herself a feminist?


It is ashame that women automatically think of the radical feminists that were at a peak in the 60s and 70s, for it is the modern age and that is simply not what should come to mind anymore. We should be thinking of women like Sophia Amoruso, Jessica Alba, Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai. These women have all broken the stereotypes of women by creating multimillion dollar companies, sharing their opinions on inequality with younger generations, and breaking cultural expectations.


While I believe everyone should be a feminist and that many more women are opening themselves up to the idea of embracing the title, Google Analytics has shown that the talk of feminism was at an all-time high in 1998 (also the year Time released its famous cover with the title “Is Feminism Dead?”) and has been declining ever since. Why do you think this is? Are we third-wave and fourth-wave feminists digressing in the feminist movement or are we simply tackling the issue in different ways?

I personally believe the way we women dress is a huge part of feminism, not only on a large scale but on a personal scale. Today’s society makes it a difficult choice in deciding to wear what you want or wearing what others will take you seriously in. I often have found that I am degraded and turned into an object when I go out in something as simple as denim shorts or a crop top.

This is still a huge issue in today’s society; men often blame women’s attire for the reason they are cat called or sexually assaulted. I should be able to wear what I want without being degraded or blamed for encouraging this behavior.


Fashion is a large aspect of the feminist movement whether you realize it or not. Do I wear clothes that people will take me seriously in, even if that isn’t expressing who I am? Or do I wear an outfit that I feel good in and showcases my artistic views? Fashion is an artistic expression and the struggle with feminism in today’s society often restricts that.

In this look I incorporate pieces that are sophisticated and timeless with trendier pieces that show off my playful personality. Something as simple as the slits in the side of this sweater are a way of showing a little skin while still remaining conservative. Aritzia is one of my favorite places to shop for just this reason; they combine business-like pieces with trendier, sexier items that allow you to show off certain parts of your body.


Accessories are always the perfect way to show off your personality through what you are wearing. I have been loving the Fendi Monster trend, and while I can’t afford the actual monsters, I have been able to find ones similar to it at small vendors like those in China Town and at flea markets.

I am currently reading a classic novel, The Second Sex, written by Simone de Beauvoir, which discusses the history of the female race and how the sex came to be viewed as inferior to men. At one point she says, “The body is not a thing, it is a situation: it is our grasp on the world and our sketch of our project.” What we put on our body expresses who we are and leaves our mark on the world. It is so important that we wear what we want and the feminism movement is progressing in a way that just might allow us to be able to do this without being devalued or judged in a certain way.

Black is the New Black

Everyone is always saying, “stripes are the new black”, “red is the new black”, even “Orange is the New Black.” How about black is always the new black? For those who are truly faithful to this staple color, nothing will ever replace it. Black is always my go-to when I am dressing for a special event, or even just trying to drag myself out of bed at seven in the morning.


I am a huge fan of matching sets, whether it’s with clothes, earrings, or salt and pepper shakers. Ok maybe not the salt and pepper shakers; we all know I am not mature enough to go out and buy those yet. Matching sets give the illusion of a dress but are much more practical. I personally love them because they give me an opportunity to show some skin. So ladies if you’ve been working hard in your pilates classes the past few weeks, opt for a matching set to show off that six-pack.


While matching sets aren’t something I always go for, wearing my hair straight is. I have naturally super curly hair (but not in a good way). In order to change up my everyday hairstyle, I added a side braid. With my hair being so thin, this is unfortunately the only way I can add some oomph to it. Lucky for me, braids are a huge trend this season! I recommend checking out #TrendingAtSephora for some braid inspiration.


Although black is a classic color, it can be boring in the world of fashion if you don’t dress it up with some killer accessories. Revisiting the blog is my favorite body chain. This accessory makes every outfit sexier and accentuates the right parts of your body. Opt for this when you have a lot of open blocks of skin, like the deep v-neck in the top that I am wearing.


Just as every fashion blogger owned the Chloe ‘Susanna’ Stud Buckle Booties at one point in time, every girl owns this style of heels. They are flattering for every foot shape and size. Foot shape and size? If you are a human Big Foot like myself, you completely understand what I am talking about. I can never find heels that don’t look like I’m trying to stuff size ten feet into a pair two sizes too small. Many brands sell this style but I was able to find mine at Forever 21 for a price actually in my budget. This just proves that no matter your price range, you can find the right pair for you.


As someone once said, “women who wear black live colorful lives.” Don’t be ashamed to always be wearing black. Black is the most universally flattering color and it never goes out of style. The women in black really do live the most adventorous, carefree lives if I say so myself.

Coachella Comes to the City Streets

We all know Coachella marks the beginning of every music and fashion lover’s favorite time of the year, festival season! Unfortunately, Coachella takes place on the coast opposite of where I and the other 8.5 million New Yorkers are. Aside from stalking the snapchat stories and plethora of Instagram posts, I was able to channel the same carefree festival vibes by spending Coachella day 3 in Greenwich Village.

I started my day off by oh so casually running into Nick Jonas while crossing the street. Looks like there are actually celebrities who weren’t at Coachella! Who knew!? Since it was my best friend’s birthday we decided to do brunch on the streets of Soho. After enjoying salmon eggs benedict, we soaked in the sun rays and walked around the streets. While exploring we stumbled upon this collage of pop art posters. What blogger can resist a photoshoot in front of an intriguing background like this one?


Lets be real, us here on the East Coast were thrilled to once against experience the 70 degree weather Mother Nature blessed us with on Sunday. It might not be the 90 degree heat waves that festivalgoers are experiencing, but hey, it’s close enough, right? I thought it was the perfect occasion to break out the new t-shirt I bought from Aritzia a few weeks back. I didn’t realize it would take weeks for spring weather to finally return to us, causing this shirt to be sitting in its shopping bag for too long. This shirt is casual yet still gives me  a chance to show off my favorite bralettes that all us girls know we buy way too many of.


Is a Coachella-inspired outfit really complete without some coin jewelry and fringed accessories? Nope. I added this necklace for a bohemian flair that was still appropriate for brunch and shopping on a typical Sunday. However, if you’re going to a festival, the more the better! Can you really achieve that full Vanessa Hudgens look if you don’t pile on the jewelry?

Not only is this backpack carefree and cute, but it is extremely functional for those fashion bloggers/students/interns on the go. I hate having to lug my laptop, camera, wallet, and a book around in a purse when I am running from place to place. I am able to easily carry all of the things I need without putting stress on my shoulders. This doesn’t sound too glamorous but I promise that backpacks are a lifesaver, and now they are on-trend too!


With Coachella weekend 1 being finished, we can all look forward to the looks that weekend 2 has in store. Weekend 1 has shown bloggers wearing the typical festival trends such as fringe, coin jewelry, crochet clothing pieces, and cowboy boots. It has also given us some ideas on how to style popular spring pieces such as bandanas, chokers, and monokinis for the music festivals that we will be hitting up later this spring and summer. Until weekend 2…


Black and White “Model Off Duty”


Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, Kate Moss… These are just a few of the models who pull off this look so effortlessly. They look casual yet so fashionable at the same time, a perfect outfit to wear for a day of shopping or brunch with the girls. There are a few key pieces that always show up in their “model-off-duty” looks.


Models are always wearing a jacket with their workout leggings and sneakers whether it’s a wool coat or a silk bomber jacket. This is what makes the look appropriate for strolling around the streets of New York City. I’m wearing my favorite heather grey coat from Aritzia. Not only is the coat warm enough for the brutal East Coast winter (which we have yet to experience this year), but it is also a sophisticated piece to wear to work or use to dress up your casual weekend wear.


I found these cool mesh-paneled workout leggings from Aritizia. Not only are they super comfortable but they are perfect for putting together the “model-off-duty” look. Pair these with a dressier blouse and play with how you tuck it into the leggings. Here I did a half tuck to play with the black and white color blocking of the outfit.


Adding rose gold accessories to a black and white look is my favorite way to make an outfit more feminine. Depending on your skin tone, rose gold can bring out the warmth in your coloring. I added my favorite necklace and a watch. Don’t be afraid to add strappy bras under flowy blouses like this one. It gives a sex-appeal to an otherwise business casual blouse.


Lastly, the look is not complete without your coolest pair of kicks. This is the piece to use to really make your outfit stand out. There are so many different options for cool sneakers nowadays that you should have no trouble finding the perfect pair for you. I love these Nikes because of the grey, black and white knit threads they are woven out of. Like most fashionistas my two favorite colors to wear are black and white, so naturally these sneakers pair well with my entire wardrobe.