Every Beauty Has a History

If you have ever been to Cape May then you know just how unique the architecture of the buildings in the area is. Each home has its own personality, painting a different story for every person that walks by it. There are old churches, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and boutiques- each with no less character than the last.

Cape May church

The colorful homes and intricate gardens of Cape May are just two of the many reasons why it is one of my favorite places. I could wonder the streets for hours and be perfectly content with life. My family knows this for sure; they are often the ones that I am dragging around with me on long walks.

Aritzia fashion blogger

Cape May’s architecture is clearly Victorian. However, it was not always like this. In 1878 a massive fire broke out on the little beach island, destroying 30 blocks of buildings and hotels. The rebuilding of this area surrounding Washington Street was considered the modern style of the day. Now, the style is an old charm like no other, giving everyone that visits it a glimpse into the Victorian era.

Cape May bed and breakfast

Defining features of Victorian architecture include stained glass windows, gingerbread trim, and detailed fencing. Ironic that this little Victorian home is called the Gingerbread House? I think not. The entrance is decorated with this beautiful, twirly white trim that I just can’t get enough of.

Cape May Washington Street

Cape May is actually a National Historic Landmark, which makes sense when you think about all of its rich history. The town was known as the “President’s Playground” because of it being a popular vacation destination for presidents like Abraham Lincoln and James Buchanan.

Cape May hotel

However, Cape May was not always a National Historic Landmark. The Victorian buildings were actually threatened in the mid-1900s when many argued that they should be demolished to make room for more modern architecture. Luckily, many more people appreciated these one-of-a-kind buildings and argued for them not to be torn down. Once the town was given its historical title in 1976 the buildings were forever safe from harm.

Cape May New Jersey

Just like timeless architecture, I believe fashion is something that should be preserved for centuries to come. It represents a moment in time that is to be forever cherished. Clothing tells a story just like buildings do. While my style is simple and classic, it shows my youth and drive as a young woman in the business world.

Cape May fashion

As a modern woman walking the streets of Cape May that the great American Presidents once walked, I aim to leave a lasting artistic impression on the world for decades to come. If these buildings can inspire me as much as they do, why can’t I inspire others with my fashion choices?

(Sources: Cape May Times and Cape May Ocean Club Hotel)

Earrings (similar): Forever 21                                                            Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Dress: Aritzia

Foxfire Mountain House

(Warning: this may be my most aesthetically pleasing post to date.)


Last Thursday I was wisked away to the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York for a creativity summit with Free People and Polaroid (read more about this experience here). After being in school for nearly a month and barely surviving the stress of moving houses and starting classes, an escape to the woods was much needed. You know you’ve reached a place of tranquility and relaxation when you no longer have cell phone service.


As a girl from Pennsylvania I usually traveled to the Poconos for my dose of nature, or to the creek two minutes down the street from my house. Needless to say it was not hard to find little wonders around me.


Being surrounded by mountains brought me back to my childhood trips to the Poconos, watching the deer outside my uncle’s cabin. It was the simple things like placing corn cobs outside for them to eat and jumping in leaf piles that made me so happy.


The Foxfire Mountain House reminded me just how enjoyable unplugging and taking in your simple surrounding can be.


My favorite part of this hotel is all of the history built into it. The building opened as an inn in 1914 and has been passed down through generations of families. In 2015, a couple restored the house after it had fallen into overgrowth and decay, bringing it back to its original state.


The hotel now has 11 rooms for guests to stay in, each with their own unique attention to detail. They even have a private cottage available, equipped with your own kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom.


All of the unique design elements of this inn come together to make a place that is truly magical. From the lily pond outside to the vintage Sari curtains, no detail goes unnoticed. It is inspiring to be in a place with so much character rather than a commercialized chain hotel whose decor is the same around each corner.


This yellow velvet couch may be my favorite thing in the entire house. Secretly storing the image of it away so I can someday find one for my apartment.

If you’re in need of a city escape or are looking for some creative inspiration, take a weekend trip to Foxfire Mountain House. You can look forward to fresh air, home-cooked meals, and a surprising elements of design in each room.