Have Bloggers Destroyed the True Purpose of Coachella?

Being an avid Youtube and Instagram user, I have noticed the increased hype over Coachella this year with popular fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Hype may even be putting it lightly… I think the term obsession may be more appropriate. While Coachella has always been viewed as an event to show off the best of festival fashion, it has been taken to a whole new level this year. I keep asking myself, why is this?

My favorite fashion bloggers like Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad have been documenting their last few months spent preparing for Coachella. Yes, months. There have been constant Instagram stories and snapchats of them receiving packages in the mail from companies as well as their various visits to brand showrooms in preparation for their finest festival-inspired looks. From what I can recall of the past years, there has never been this much obsession over what to wear and what types of statements are to be made.

(pictures via @weworewhat on Instagram)

Being a fashionista myself, I absolutely recognize all of the fun that goes into preparing your looks for music festivals. It gives you a chance to dress in ways you may not typically dress in your everyday life. I mean who doesn’t love the glitter, boho dresses, and cowgirl-themed accessories? Coachella gives you a chance to be someone new and embrace the gypsy fashion while listening to some of your favorite bands in the middle of the desert. However, I can’t help but wonder if Coachella has now become more of a brand investment rather than a fun source of self-expression.

We all know that fashion bloggers get paid by brands to wear their clothing and post pictures of them wearing it. It is also no question that Coachella fashion gets A LOT of attention and A LOT of searches. This makes me wonder if Coachella is just an excuse for fashion bloggers to get increased exposure from social media and magazine articles, which is why bloggers are spending so much time preparing for it. The more preparation, the crazier the looks, the more exposure, the more money bloggers are paid by brands.

(pictures via @chiaraferragni on Instagram)

Not only has this festival turned into a business venture for fashion bloggers, but it has become hard work for all of the brands involved as well. If you work for a popular bohemian fashion brand you can forget about enjoying the music at Coachella. Countless months are spent planning parties, looks, press events, showroom invites, and more. I mean, I thought music festivals were a fun place to enjoy music, but have you once heard a blogger talk about what artists were going to be there or who they couldn’t wait to hear live? I know I haven’t. All the talk is simply about wearing which look which day and getting this shot, in that location. I have mentioned this before, but life should be about enjoying the moment rather than planning it. We don’t want to see posed picture, we want to see people genuinely enjoying themselves.

While I am excited to not only hear the live performances from Coachella this weekend, I am also looking forward to all of the Instagram posts of what everyone is wearing. However, some of the magic for me will be lost. Just knowing all of the business that has gone behind an event that is supposed to be so fun, carefree, and effortless, loses Coachella’s sense of purpose for me. What do you think about the evolution of Coachella and its attendees? Let me know by leaving me a comment!

The Contradiction of Millennials in this Presidential Election

With the election results in, I think we can all say we are a bit shocked. Whether you are pleasantly surprised or moved to fear, it is important to reflect on the entire election process that occurred over the last few months. It is no doubt that the media, specifically social media, has been the largest contributor to the way this election played out. The media blew many little things into crucial issues, causing these issues to go viral all over social platforms and the internet. In many cases, what was reported was indeed false.

Along with false circulations, I think it is even more important to consider the presence of celebrities, bloggers, and brands and their position in the Presidential election. Many of these influencers chose to state their opinion openly on social media using hashtags such as #Imwithher and #govote. Social media was primarily dominated by this large support system for Hillary Clinton, which I believe led to a false sense of assurance for many Americans. The results go to show that social media DOES NOT reflect the majority of the United States and that sometimes only certain voices are heard.

This being said, I think it is even MORE important that we discuss Donald Trump, his decisions during this election period, and how millennials react to his actions and words. Why is it that us as young people are so appalled by Trump’s insults and disrespectful comments towards women, yet we idolize rappers like Kanye West for preaching the same exact beliefs? Google the lyrics for West’s song “Feed Back” and ask yourself, what makes this ok compared to any words that Trump has said? I honestly cannot answer these questions but I think it is something important that needs to be considered and discussed.

If we are going to tear apart Trump for his insults against women and minorities, we need to first look at what we have allowed in this society as millennials. How can we allow West to get away with such derogatory comments but then ridicule Trump for similar comments? We need to truly think about our own actions and our own views for they are extremely hypocritical. We try to move towards progression of women’s rights but then continue to support rappers who preach offensive lyrics. Since when is acceptable for rappers to get away with this but as soon as a politician does the same, it is insulting, demeaning, and unacceptable?

If we expect a change in our society then we need to start by standing up to EVERYONE, whether it is your favorite rapper, clothing brand designer, or the boy next to you in math class, not just a politician in the Presidential election. How much affect does the President really have on our daily culture as millennials? It is more so music, celebrities, media, and our friends that effect our own world views. If you expect change, start with what you expose yourself to every day. Once we do this, elders will begin to respect our beliefs as young people and actually listen to what we have to say.

Although you may not agree with the results of this election, it is important to remember that you are the future for change. If our views as a society continue to contradict one another, no positive changes will be made. However, even with these challenges in America, we are still the most beautiful country in the World. Only in America can women vote, gay people marry, and people openly express their opinions. These are amazing rights that we seem to take for granted every day. In the upcoming months, and even years, just remember how lucky you are to be a citizen of the country that you are.


The Great Expectations of Turning 20

A few favorite memories from my 19th year…

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Laying in bed with a seaweed sheet mask on my face, easing the pain of my sunburn, I ring in my 20th birthday. I can’t help but think, is this what 20 years old feels like? I also can’t help but wonder, is this birthday post going to be nearly as inspirational as Carrie Bradshaw’s 30th birthday post? After all, most of us aspire to be the Carrie Bradshaw of the modern-day.

Your 20s are the decade where you become legally able to drink, move out on your own, obtain your first real job, maybe meet the man of your dreams, and, for some, have a baby. How can all of these important life events be squeezed into only 10 years? While you are a teenager you only go through three major life events; puberty, graduating high school, and attending college. It just doesn’t seem right that we are expected to accomplish so much in our 20s and know exactly where we are heading in life.

Just two years ago I was still living in my parents’  house and now I am expected to pay my own bills and create my own family? What happened to a transition period? While moving in with your parents after college is becoming more and more common, how are we supposed to accomplish the things that are expected of us while under the roof of those who have nurtured us all of our lives? Our parents aren’t going to just stop caring for us once we graduate, pushing back the time we will be able to have sustainable things of our own and a meaningful relationship. In a way, this prevents us from growing up.

After graduating college my goal is to pack up my life and move to New York City where I will pay for my apartment entirely on my own, without the help of my parents. I believe this is necessary in order to truly grow and reach the milestones expected of us in our 20s. Our 20s are the years of our independence. This is why it is so essential to step out of your comfort zone, do things you never would have done before, and make your dreams happen.

This year, and the next 10 years, I want to push myself to limits that I thought were never even possible. I want to grow this blog into a work of art I am proud of. I want to intern at Google, making a difference in the world of technology. I want to travel Europe and experience all the different cultures the world has to offer. I want to make a difference in the lives of others who are not as lucky as I am. I want to read as many books as possible, learning about all different subjects. I want to find new ways to meet new people, expanding my social circle. I want to truly grow myself as a person.

I am promising to myself right now, and I want you to also promise to yourself, that I will push my limits and make my 20s the years of accomplishment and growth. Everyone says these are the best years of our lives, so lets truly make it the best years we can. Accomplish what you’ve always dreamed of accomplishing. Meet the person you’ve always dreamed about. Make things HAPPEN.

UPDATE: As I am writing this, discussing these same ideas with my cousin who is next to me in a small coffee shop, a 24 year old woman comments on what I am saying. It is absolutely crazy to have your life together by the time you turn 30, but it is necessary to throw yourself out into the world in order to even have a chance. She told me that there’s nothing to worry about and you learn to accept that nobody really knows what they are doing in their 20s. As long as you are trying, you’re doing something right and heading in the right direction. I couldn’t agree with her more.